Due to the COVID-19 Emergency and Prevention Initiatives that the Oglala Sioux Tribe and the OST Coronavirus Taskforce have been addressing and implementing on the reservation, the Tribe is seeking to develop a Oglala Sioux Tribe COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had detrimental impacts on impoverished communities internationally. The Oglala Sioux Tribe is the poorest county in the United States and one of the poorest Indian Reservations in the Nation. The Oglala Sioux Tribe created a Task Force to plan for a worst-case scenario in the event that this virus enters our communities locally and our tribal membership.

Unfortunately, like many Indian Reservations, the Oglala Sioux Tribe must advocate for these needs more aggressively than States. We are sometimes overlooked.

We are developing a COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund to assist the Oglala Sioux Tribe in acquiring needed medical supplies, develop quarantine protocols that give the tribe access food and decontamination supplies in case of a local pandemic event.

Your donation will help assist the Oglala Sioux Tribe is sustaining a robust approach in providing this needed care and the implementation of effective plans of action to treat and prevent a high impact of the COVID-19 on the reservation.


Thank you for your needed help..


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our smallest warriors, our strongest medicine

Is a book written for Indigenous (American Indian, Alaskan Native, First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) children affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


CARES Act: What it is, and what it's meant for.

Congress’s third legislative response to the COVID-19 outbreak—the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act—became P.L. 116-136 on March 27, 2020.



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Oglala Sioux Tribe COVID-19 Response Task Force

Public Service Announcement Update as of 5/13/2020

The Executive Order 20-05 (mandated the total lock-down) expired Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 12:00PM MST,

Therefore, the Executive Order 20-04 is back into effect as of Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 12:01PM MST, and will expire on Saturday, May 16th, 2020 at 6:00PM MST.


This means the following again:

1. No off-reservation travel except for all medical (chronic and emergencies), and work for residents,

2. On reservation travel for essential business for non-residents,

3. All essential work/ medical require the placards and medical verification, (all previous placards are automatically renewed), all new essential work on reservation will need to apply with Presidents office,

4. Essential travel limited to a maximum of 2 per vehicle,

5. Travel to Martin, SD and White Clay, NE are acceptable,

6. Donation will be forwarded to Emergency Management,

7. Shelter-in-place, Curfew, and Border Monitoring are enforced,

8. If residents or members were off-reservation for more than 24hours who wish to return are discouraged from doing so however, if you do- will self-quarantine for14 days after,

9. Homeless sheltering is available in Pine Ridge, but no intoxicated persons will be admitted,


After Saturday, May 16th, 2020 at 6:00PM MST, the Shelter-in-place, curfew, and border monitoring ordinances will continue to be enforce until further notice, this means:

1. Only essential travel on and off the reservation,

2. 8PM Curfew for all businesses/ 9PM Curfew for all residents,

3. Border Monitoring will continue to enforce verification on borders.

Any questions, please call CHR Helpline at (605) 441-1015.


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