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Opening date: February 18, 2020

Closing date: March 2, 2020

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OST Employment Information

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS ARE MANDATORY TO DETERMINE EMPLOYMENT SUITABILITY  Preliminary records check will be conducted prior to appointment. Favorable adjudication of a full background investigation is a condition for continued employment- as required for sensitive positions. Unfavorable Adjudication shall be grounds for immediate termination as per Oglala Sioux Tribal Policy and Tribal Ordinance. The Oglala Sioux Tribe requires full disclosure - when signing the application you are certifying your answers are made in good faith an true to the best of your knowledge.


DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTS ARE MANDATORY  All applicants tentatively selected for positions with the Oglala Sioux Tribe are required to submit to urinalysis and alcohol Breathalyzer test prior to appointment. Appointment to the position will be contingent upon a negative drug test result. This requirement is in accordance with the Drug Free Workplace Act. Drug and Alcohol Tests must be done within 24 HOURS - THREE (3) BUSINESS DAYS of Notice of Selection.


PROCESSES WILL BE FOLLOWED A selection letter will not be issued until HR receives results from the Drug and Alcohol Tests and preliminary background checks.


RESUMES MUST BE COMPLETE Include the information asked on the application if you are uncertain what to include in your resume.


Be specific about dates of employment. Be informative and detailed when describing duties and responsibilities of previous employment.


Include Supervisors' and Employers' name and phone numbers as well as your personal and professional references.


OST Human Resources

P. O. Box 439

Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770


Phone: (605)867-6014

FAX: (605) 867-1922


To Apply

Download and complete the application for desired position, descriptions/ requirements can be located by clicking the Job Title.


Application Notice

Please make sure you...


DOCUMENT DATES Use dates using the MONTH AND YEAR for each work experience to obtain credit for experience.


The OST Human Resources Department utilizes a point system to determine eligibility based on qualifications and experience.


REVIEW THE REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS Ensure you have submitted all required documentation listed under the Requirements and Qualifications section in the job description.


SUBMIT ON TIME Human Resources will not accept documents submitted after the closing date. If all required documents are not submitted on time, your application will be considered incomplete.