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Social Service Office

Social Service Office

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Oglala Sioux Tribe

Social Service Office

P. O. Box 2070

Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770


FAX 605.867.1788


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Follow the link below to download the hard copy version and completely filled out and signed.

This application is to be handed in

to the Social Service Office.



Priority Medical Assistance

  • Cancer patients (Chemo Therapy, and Radiation)
  • Dialysis patients
  • Heart patients
  • Other emergencies (Emergency referred by IHS) life threatening conditions.


Travel to and from medical treatment:

  • Travel not exceeding a 150 mile radius will receive a gas ticket (excluding priority medical assistance.)
  • Cancer, Dialysis, and heart patients will receive a check from anywhere to $25-$75 (amount is subject to change at any time.)
  • If patients have to stay overnight they will receive a check for $100.00.
  • IF patient is traveling over a 150 mile radius will receive $200.00.
  • Gas vouchers for medical appointments outside of IHS, such as Ear, Dental and other non-life threatening routine medical exams.
  • Life threatening illnesses (referred by IHS through life-flight/ or ambulance) not to exceed a $100 check per week if patient remains in ICU.
  • Surgery appointments and all other follow-ups are eligible for GAS TICKET ONLY.
  • No limit of help for Cancer, heart and Dialysis patients. Appointment must relate to the illness (heart, cancer & Dialysis).
  • 90 day limit of help for all others requesting help.
  • 45 day limit for all elders (can take it case by case).
  • Absolutely no assistance for members living off of the reservation.
  • If not on Medicaid we will look at it case by case, but must reside on the reservation and be an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux tribe.
  • Gas tickers only for appointments on the reservation
  • All requests must be filled out at least a day in advance (only life/death emergencies are acceptable.)
  • IF checks are made out to a certain individual, that individual whose name is on the check must pick up check in person. (Only exceptions for this are cancer, dialysis and hearts patients.)
  • All requests must have proof and will be verified by our office.
  • A form will be given to all who receive assistance from our office; this form must be given to your provider to fill out and ensure that you attended your appointment and must be returned back to our office in a timely manner.
  • If the individual does not bring back this form then he/she will not receive assistant again.
  • If we can’t assist we will refer you to the IHS van because most assistance requested is for food and gas but the van will provide the ride and a sack lunch.





  • Must be enrolled in tribe with proof for who ever is requesting assistance.
  • 90 day policy applies to whoever is requesting assistance.
  • Members asking for assistance must provide correct documentation.
  • Examples of assistance requested are as follows: Books, application fees, emergency pickup of a child/ college student, school supplies, and travel assistance.


Activity Assistance

  • $250 maximum amount for all youth teams.
  • Assist teams once a month with entry fee.
  • Must show proof that the team is raising money on their own.
  • 90 day policy applies for all teams/ people asking for assistance.
  • All activities must be verified on and off the reservation.
  • Teams or persons asking for assistance must reside on reservation boundaries.


Burial Assistance

  • Transportation of deceased family member who passed away off the reservation will not be allowed.


Wake expenses

  • One time amount of $300.00 will be given to family member who is responsible for arrangements of the deceased enrolled tribal members.
  • Two star quilts will be donated to the family of the deceased.


Food Vouchers

  • Refer to local food banks
  •  Transit tickets
  • One transit ticket can be issued to one person per household.


Rental Assistance

  • Absolutely no rental assistance off or on the reservation.


Propane, Electricity and Wood

  • Starting point for this would be October 1st- April 15th
  • Limit for one household is 1,000 in this time period.


Weekend Emergency Assistance

  • Only gas tickers will be available on the weekend in case of an emergency.


Eye glasses

  • Must have a denial letter from Medicaid.
  • One time assistance of $80.00 to purchase glasses.



  • WE want to get put on the list to receive NAHA merchandise.


Tribal/ State ID’s

  • A $15-$20 one time help to OST members to get their IDs


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